Monday, July 14, 2008


In late winter of this year, BTRNC was contacted about a female adult and 7 two week old puppies who required rescue. One of our volunteers picked up Mom Chloe and the babies as soon as she could get there. Plans were made to take the brood to the vet the next day for check ups. Mom and the puppies appeared to be doing reasonably well. Sadly, Chloe crossed the bridge shortly after arriving at their new foster home. Everyone who knows the story agrees that Chloe held on for her puppies until she knew they were in safe and loving hands. She could then cross in peace. Chloe is buried under a wind ornament of the home where she found safety.

The puppies, known as the Columbia 7 for the city in South Carolina where they were rescued are: Jack, Olive, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Curtis, and Jill. All were lovingly cared for until they were stronger. As of today, all have either gone to their forever homes or are safe with a foster family. You can see Luna and Neville our our available dogs page if you look quick. Both have adoptions pending.

The wonderful volunteer who picked up Chloe and her babies made Jack a permanent member of their family. As you can see Jack is growing into quite the handsome young "man".

Rest in peace Chloe, and thank you for helping get your babies to rescue. .They are all safe and thriving. I bet you are quite pleased as you view your legacy from the Rainbow Bridge.


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