Monday, February 25, 2008


Some of our rescues are surrendered by owners for a variety of reasons. Recently, we were contacted by a heart broken owner who had 3 bostons, family pets, much loved and well cared for. They are a military family and the husband had been deployed to a location requiring the family to relocate to military housing. The base could only allow 2 dogs. The family made the very difficult decision to keep the two senior dogs and surrender the youngest, Marilyn, to us.

About the same time, we received and approved an application for adoption from a family who also runs the Southwest Virginia Ferret Rescue. Their only requirement was that the boston would get along with the ferrets. Marilyn's family also had ferrets! What? Did we hear that correctly? A dog from a house with ferrets and a family wishing to adopt a dog who was ferret friendly,all within a 2 week period! Could it work out that well?

Oh yes it can. Here in part is an update we received from Marilyn's new family:

What can I say about Marilyn? She is sweet, special, wonderful, loving..... We have had her for 3 weeks now and she simply fit right into our family. We feel that God truly blessed us with her. Because we have had a Boston in the past, we knew this was what we wanted again. The call to surrender Marilyn came in right after our application was received and she came from a home with ferrets!! She has jumped the gate and joined us in the ferret room several times. The best day was when she and Little Bit, a sweet little girl of barely over a pound decided to play together. Little Bit ran in and out around Marilyn's legs, getting and giving licks. Both of them went bouncing around the room!

She has chosen my husband as her special person and will whine when he leaves for work. She will stand in his lap and look him right in the eyes like she expects him to explain the world to him.

Yes, some things are meant be - how wonderful for Marilyn and her family complete with ferrets!


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm well acquainted with Gidget, Penny and Prissy whose "parents" are my very good friends, Pat and Bruce Burnette.

We were so sad when they lost Felix last year, but these three girls continue to be just the light of their lives and have absolutely the Life of Riley!!


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