Sunday, February 03, 2008


We never know what we will find when we rescue a boston. Some are in great health, some have behavioral issues, some, a list of health problems and as the case with Miss Emily, a few unexpected passengers. Emily was very pregnant! The puppies were born a few days after arriving in foster care. Happily, Emily had landed in the home of one of our most experienced foster moms. Taking it in stride, our volunteer added the task of welping a litter of puppies to her new duties with Emily. When they were born, the looked exactly like Boston Terriers. As they grew, they looked less like bostons but nevertheless adorable. Fearing that they would be slower to find homes on our web site than in an all breed rescue, they were handed over to another rescue after being weaned and vetted. We knew they would remain safe and cared for until they found homes. We know it was hard to bid these babies goodbye but as always, we act in the best interest of the dogs.

Fully recovered from child birth, Emily was adopted into a loving home who keeps us informed of her progress. Here, in part, is a letter received from Emily's new Mom:

I can’t begin to explain how lucky I feel to be Emily’s new mom. I knew the first time I met her that we could be forever friends, and that she was just what I was looking for in a dog and a companion. She’s a beautiful girl, inside and out, and she has the sweetest demeanor…she’s a dream!

She likes to be right beside me all the time, and she is more than welcome to be my constant shadow!

She’s also great with other people and other dogs. Her new best friend is my brother’s boxer, Josie. They play and play until they’re totally pooped, and then they play some more. She loves kiddos, too…on Halloween, we put her pumpkin necklace on her and went trick-or-treating with a neighborhood full of ghosts and goblins, and she just trotted right along with our parade! I know in my heart that Emily and I were meant to be, and I can’t thank the wonderful folks at BTRNC enough for bringing us together.

It looks like Emily has a new mom to call her own. We wish everyone a long, healthy and happy life!

You found the perfect spot Mom - keep scratching me right there! That's wonderful.


At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cry every time I read about Emily. I am so very thankful for you. I know Emily is in such a good, loving home. She is so very sweet & loving. She was a great Mom. Thank you for loving her as much as I did.


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