Thursday, January 24, 2008


The Boastful Boston is very pleased to share the story of Heather, Scott, Blue and Pickles. It was written mostly by Heather and proudly shared with all of our readers. Blue and Pickles were both adopted from BTRNC and both are very lucky little bostons. Scott just returned from a tour in Iraq where he was anxiously awaited by Heather and the two newest additions to the family:

Scott and I had always talked about getting a dog, but living in a apartment with 2 cats I didn't think it would work. In July 2006 we bought a house in New Bern and started thinking about getting a dog again. In November of 2006 we found out that Scott would be going to Iraq. I told him I wanted to get a dog so I would have something to keep me occupied while he was away and it would make me feel safer. So we stared looking and looking. We submitted our application with the rescue in the beginning of December 2006. I heard back from the group after Scott had left. I had decided on Blue after talking with his foster mom and got the OK from Scott. Blue came to live with me at the right time. He gave me something to look forward to coming home to and someone to greet me and love me. He also gave me another reason to celebrate Valentines day, his 1st birthday! After a couple of months Blue settled in and I could tell he really wanted another dog to play with. So I went back to the rescue and started looking at dogs again. I found Pickles and talked with Scott about her and got the ok. So then Pickles came to live with us in July. Blue was really happy to have another dog to play with and I was getting double the love and BT kisses!!

Finally in January, 2008, it was time for Scott to come home. I kept telling the dogs all week that they were going to meet there adoptive dad on soon. I don't think they understood. On Friday January 18th I got the dogs up and ready for the trip to Camp Lajune, Jacksonville to meet there dad. Both the dogs wore their red, white and blue bandannas to show there support to the troops.

They were just really excited about going for a car ride! Once we arrived at the base we got out to go on a quick walk they were checking everyone out. We ended up waiting for about 2 hours.

As the time grew closer we went to watch for the buses. When they arrived and the Marines started getting off the dogs got really excited. Then Scott got off and came over and finally met his pups!

We got his bags and headed home, both dogs sat on my lap as Scott drove back to New Bern. When we got home we showed him all of the changes to the house including the dogs stuff and then they three of them started playing. The dogs took to him like they have known him forever! Even Blue who is normally funny around men he doesn't know.

So there's the story of a family reunited. We are so happy that Scott returned home safely. We wish the entire family many years of happiness and we thank Heather for sharing their story.


At 5:08 AM, Anonymous bt500 said...

Reading this story warms my heart. I am Blue's foster mom and I knew after talking to Heather that Blue would have a wonderful home with Heather and Scott. Great story, thank you!

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the best BLOGs I've read! Thank you for sharing the story!


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