Sunday, January 20, 2008


To the forever family:

I'm so glad that you and your new forever baby have found each other. I know after the application process, the home visit, the many phone conversations and the eventual meeting, that you will provide for and love my foster baby and give him a good and loving home. I also know that if for whatever reason, it didn't work out as everyone hoped, that you will return my foster baby to BTRNC and that I won't have to worry that you took him anywhere else. I am excited for you and your new addition. I anxiously await updates and pictures from his new home.

When he arrived at my house, he was scared, not completely house broken and feeling less than healthy. I sat up with him at night holding him and making him feel secure. I made sure his medications were delivered on schedule and that he actually swallowed them, and didn't spit them out. I kept a very close eye on him and made sure he made all necessary trips outside and rewarded him with praise and occasional treats when he used the yard for his bathroom and felt proud when he understood that outside is where he should always go when nature called. I made sure his meal times were regular and his water intake was as it should be. I watched as he slowly warmed up to the dogs in my house and actually learned to romp and play with them. I introduced him to toys and made sure he knew which ones were his. I kept him warm with sweaters and blankets and never let him get too hot on warm days. I took him for rides with me in the car so he would understand that every car did not take him to a shelter or a doctor's office. I took him to meet cats and young children so I could report whether he would make a good match with a large family or one with cats.

And then I let him go to you. How could I let him go after all that, you may ask? Because my job with him was done. There is always another one new to rescue who needs my loving care, but don't think I won't miss him. Please love my foster baby, he will always be a part of me.

Foster Mom

This could have been written for any number of fosters who move through BTRNC. The Boastful Boston had to include a picture however, so I have chosen Quinn, adopted in October 2007 where he now lives happily with his family and his new brother Otto. Ever seen a boston smile?


At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I could not have said it better. Only thing I would ever add is "sometimes you cry, but you know this little one is going to the perfect home." Even after soooo very many, there are times I am very happy for them, and times my heart breaks to let them go.


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