Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bonnie and Amelia's Excellent Adventure

With foster homes spread out across the tarheel state, it's not often that foster dogs are able to meet and greet, especially with one another. On Saturday, our east coast babies, Bonnie and Amelia met to kick off the 6th Annual Paw Jam in Wilmington, NC. Bonnie loves the camera and the camera loves her. Can you guess what Amelia thinks of the camera?

Amelia ventured out for an early morning stroll before the crowds arrived. She caught site of Pender County Humane Society and Operation TopCat, both no-kill animal rescues. She cautiously approached for a closer look at some week-old kittens and some rambunctious young pups. Amelia agreed that the animals were in good hands and moved on.

As volunteers trickled in, so did more dogs! Bonnie took an intense interest in Boo (adopted 2007). Bonnie likes her men big and strong but Boo didn't care for young Bonnie and her independent, assertive ways. Oh well, sung Bonnie. There are more fish in the sea...

There certainly are! Just next door was Carolina Boxer Rescue and a hunk by the name of Carlos. Bonnie nearly fainted when she saw the muscles underneath that fawn coat. Quietly confident and wonderfully obedient, Bonnie was intrigued by this distinguished lad. Now, how would she catch his attention? Surely, her outgoing personality and natural good looks would warrant a glance her way.

Meanwhite, Amelia was sprawled upon the lawn, enjoying a mid-day sunbath. The warm rays felt so good on her thin coat. It seems this photo was snapped as Amelia stood to pay homage to the sun. Now, only if she could locate a pair of sunglasses to protect those beautiful blue eyes.

As the mercury creeped up hour by hour, Bonnie and Amelia grew parched. Like all ladies of certain etiquette and unquestionable grooming, they good naturely shared a bowl of cool refreshment. Careful not to slurp or take more of their share, these two became fast friends.

As friends do, Amelia and Bonnie shared secrets. Bonnie told Amelia of her crush on Carlos. Amelia agreed he was a catch and encouraged Bonnie to go for it! Amelia divulged that the grass here was the best she had ever tasted. Bonnie sampled a few blades and concurred. It must be the warm, salty air that adds a kick of extra flavor.

As the afternoon wore on, crowds began to thin, volunteers grew weary and eyelids grew heavy. Determined to catch the attention of her foster mom, Bonnie wailed, "Mooooooom, it's time to go nooooooow!"

Bonnie said goodbye to her new friend and promised to keep in touch. Perhaps they could plan an outing to the beach, suggested Amelia. Bonnie agreed it would be fun. The girls seperated believing the day to be one excellent adventure.

An adventure indeed, affirms

The Bashful Boston


At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Susie Cobb said...

What a cute story and great pictures! Thank you for all you do for our little fur babies.

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous said...

Both Amelia and Bonnie are so cute! I am glad that they were able to meet each other and experience some female bonding. They are both beautiful Bostons.

At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Tina with JJ, Cindy and Spike said...

Amelia, You are a beauty queen! Woo Hoo! God Bless.

At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Tina with JJ, Cindy and Spike said...

Hey Bonnie!

At 9:21 AM, Blogger MistysMom said...

I love your story. It's so happy go lucky. Makes us smile and feel warm hearted to read. Thank you for sharing. I hope you find Bonnie her perfect new home. Bonnie's come a long way.

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your stories of Bonni's life. Thank you for sharing

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