Sunday, February 18, 2007

Princess' Forever Foster Home

There is an ongoing joke in BTRNC centered around those who have failed at fostering. Failed not because harm was done to their dogs but because they fell in love with their foster dogs and couldn't part with them when the time came to adopt them out!

Here is the tale of one failed fostering experience from our volunteer, Mary Jane.

Princess was my first (and last) foster. I fostered Princess for 2 months and when the time came for her to go to her forever home, I realized she already had a forever home. I could not part with her. So, I joined the ranks of people who failed fostering. Though I know foster homes are badly needed, this was just something I could not do. Thankfully, there are folks who can, not because they don’t get attached or don’t care, they just have the needed will power to let them go to make room for another.

Princess was pulled from a shelter where she was dumped not once, but twice. Her last adoptive family took her back to the shelter because they didn’t think she liked children and they thought she could not hear. The day she was pulled was her last day before being put to sleep. Thankfully, I saw the emergency posting, and offered to foster her. It turned out that Princess was deaf but she loves my 3 year old grandson. Princess has adapted well to being deaf; she closely watches her siblings for cues; if they run out the pet door barking, she runs out barking, too! She follows them everywhere they go. We tried teaching her hand signals but later saw that it worked better to let the other two know what we wanted and she would follow suit. I have not regretted keeping Princess at all. She is a joy to all of us and we love her very much!

Our hearts are warmed each time we hear of another failed foster experience because we know that a lost dog has found his home.

Each time we lose a foster home it means we need a foster home to replace them. So, whether you think you'll be a great success or a failure, we welcome foster home applicants! Please visit our Volunteer page for more information.


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