Sunday, February 25, 2007

Karson's Happy Ending

Just before Thanksgiving 2006, an adorably precocious pup named Karson arrived in BTRNC care. His older fur sister had a jealous streak and did not take to the strapping young lad so off Karson went to fosterland at the tender age of 8 months.

His adventures in fosterland were chronicled in a previous blog which you may peruse at your liking.

When Karson visited the vet to be micro-chipped he caught the eye of a vet tech who had been longing for a Boston Terrier of her own. An adoption application was submitted days later and 2 weeks before Christmas, Karson not only had a home and yard of his very own, he also had a new mom, dad and 2 feline siblings.

We received this note from Karson's new family along with a few pictures that warrant an adoring audience.

"Karson seems to be really enjoying himself here and has, well, become a spoiled rotten little man... He enjoys his new feline brothers, not sure the feeling is mutual. Right now they pretty much tolerate the little blurr of black and white. He enjoys the park next door, and likes being under the covers to snuggle.

We are very glad that Karson got to come live with us, and now I don't think we would be able to live without him. We love him very much."

Cheers for Karson and his doting parents, applauds

The Bashful Boston


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