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Now there are two names you don't hear every day. I "binged" the names but could not find anything on Adama and I learned that Oisin is an Irish name but that's all. Hopefully Adama and Oison's Mom will see the blog and comment if there is a story behind the names.

I hope you saw the Mother's Day slide show. One of my favorite pictures was of Katherine kneeling outside with one dog in each hand. She looked utterly joyous as did the boys as she calls them. We received the happy ending update around the same time.

Adama was formerly Louis while in BTRNC care. Don't confuse Louis with Lewis who although named Kobe very briefly knows the name Lewis and he is back on our available dogs page. Got all that? Anyway.... Adama joined the family and Oisin was not over joyed to learn that Adama was a permanent family member and not just passing through. After a short adjustment period, the boys are now friends and co-conspirators. A lesson here is that dogs do not always make instant friends. Some new owners panic if the first few days don't go smoothly and sadly return their new adoptee sometimes thinking that the resident dog is angry or that there will be fights. While certainly some dogs do not get along and should not live together unless separated, in many cases with patience and consistency from the humans in the house, strong bonds are formed.

That was certainly the case with these two boys who bring laughter, joy and love to each other and to their very happy forever Mom!


At 9:42 AM, Blogger kpage16 said...

Laughter, love, and joy are certainly right! Adama has become my little brindle shadow--always following me and resting at my feet. That is, if he's not chasing his brother Oisin around the room. Oisin brings Adama toys to start a game of tug. Adama washes Oisin's face with his tongue, and Oisin gives Adama sweet little kisses. One or the other boy gets that crazy Boston twinkle in his eye, play bows to the other, and off they go into a joyful tumble of Boston 500 and wrestling. This past Saturday after an adventurous morning, I spent most of the rest of the day with both boys curled up on me snoring in two part harmony and chasing squirrels in their sleep. Yes! They realized they can both get cuddles at the same time without having to jostle for attention! It's a delight to watch them adjust and learn. This is a time of big change for both boys, and they're handling things pretty well. I'm happy to give them all the time and patience and love and belly rubs they need.

Yes, Oisin (o-sheen) is an Irish name. A friend in Ireland told me the story as we walked around his father's sheep farm one spring afternoon during lambing season. The name means "little deer." Oisin was a warrior and poet. One day he was hunting and came across a woman with a hot body but the head of a boar. She said she had been changed because she refused to sleep with the druid who did this to her and that marrying would be the only way to change her back. Gentleman that he was, Oisin married her, and the instant they became man and wife, she transformed into the most beautiful woman with golden hair. She was Niamh (neev), the daughter of the king of the Land of Eternal Youth. Against his father's better judgement, Oisin went to live in the Land of Eternal Youth with his bride. They had a grand time there, where the trees always flowered. But Oisin began to miss his family after a time. He wanted to visit them. Niamh warned him that time did not pass the same outside the Land of Eternal Youth and that he should take her white horse. If he got off the horse during his journey, the years would rush upon him and he would die. So he set off to find his family. When he arrrived in his homeland, he found that they were all gone. People living there said they'd heard of him in legend and it had been 300 years since he had been gone. In despair, Oisin headed back to his wife, but on the way stopped to help some villagers haul a large rock up a hill with the strong white horse. The rock slipped and knocked him from the horse, and the 300 years rushed upon him. Some versions of the story say that St. Patrick was nearby and, as Oisin lay dying, debated with him about pagan ways and Christianity, eventually converting Oisin before his death.

Adama comes from the 1970s TV series Battlestar Galactica, a character played by Lorne Greene. Adama was the commander of a fleet of ships carrying refugees who escaped their home world into space following a genocide and sought freedom and safety, searching for a legendary planet called Earth. (The name Adama means "earth" in Hebrew.) He was a wise and strong leader. It was one of my favorite shows as a kid; Adama was my favorite character; and I loved Lorne Greene.

My little brindle boy comes running with his whole body wiggling when I call his name, "Adama!"


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