Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lucy found her forever home in June with a Mom who during the day works using her PhD. This is the same doctor who provided an update to Lucy's foster mom which included much ado about the sniffing of butts! Lucy has some fear issues with other dogs so she is attending a training class to help her overcome these issues. Lucy's mom is thrilled to report that her butt was sniffed by 5 cats and 3 dogs and more importantly, Lucy took her turn being the butt sniffer! Lucy's mom and former foster mom are beside themselves with joy. Lucy has settled into her new home with her people and her boston sibling Petey with whom she now shares sleeping space.
This wonderful news made me think about some of the conversations we at BTRNC have had regularly with much animation. We can discuss for hours the best type of diaper for a dog and the best way to keep that diaper on. We relish in debating the best type of anal sac cleaning and get positively giddy when discussing house breaking methods. Then there are the very detailed conversations about poo - it's consistency, color, and frequency. Unfortunately we also have to discuss at length the appearance and feel of growths which we fear may be cancerous.
And we are happiest when discussing anything relating to dogs, ours, another foster, a forever placement, a new behavior, a first step away from fear and neglect and the endless things dogs do to make us laugh, cry and scream in frustration.
Some people thing that dog people are strange and to that we say - "we wouldn't have it any other way!"
Here's to Lucy, her new family and many more discussions about things that only dogs and their people understand! Cheers.


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