Monday, May 21, 2007

Brilliant Bonnie

Young Bonnie has created a stir among our volunteers. If this is a fair measure of her ability to capture hearts, we imagine our website guests are as enthralled with her as we are.

If you are a BTRNC website regular, Bonnie's face may look familiar. She was featured weeks ago as a "Found Dog". A Good Samaritan found the young puppy wandering the street on his way to work. Familiar with the breed, he picked the puppy up and toted her directly to the vet to address her immediate needs. Bonnie spent the next couple of weeks with the family who found her while they placed ads all over town and the internet. Where Bonnie came from will remain a mystery as no one seemed to be looking for her.

Bonnie is a typical puppy who likes crazy wild puppy play followed by a warm, snuggly nap. As far as she is concerned, everything is a toy! Her foster mom is teaching her that bathroom rugs, fleece crate pads and slippers are "no-no's". Bonnie is a bundle of puppy energy that will keep herself entertained! She loves to play-chase, tug, bitey face, wrestle-she doesn't discriminate.

Bonnie enjoys teasing her older foster brother and will grab him by the back leg, then run away. We think this is Bonnie's version of tag.

Despite Bonnie's incontinence problems, as a result of spina bifida, finding her a home may not be as challenging as we initially anticipated. Yes, she will require patience and lots of bathroom breaks but with a face so sweet and a personality to match, she is nearly irresistable!

If bouncing little Bonnie is the baby you've been looking for, visit our Available Dogs page and start your application now!

Is youth truly wasted on the young, ponders

The Bashful Boston


At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonnie was rescued by my son-in-law and I was the lucky one who got to meet her. All I can say is she is precious. What a great addition to anyone who has a fenced in yard. One of the cutest, friendliest BT's ever. Soooooo sweet.


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