Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mindy's New Eyes

Mindy is a 10-year-old lady adopted last year by her adoring foster mother. Mindy had been surrendered to BTRNC by her owners. When her foster mother realized that this golden girl was a one of a kind gem, she eagerly asked to adopt her.

Mindy and her mom have been enjoying life in western NC ever since. Although each day was full of warmth and love, Mindy's vision was deteriorating. Cataracts had rendered her blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other.

Last month, Mindy underwent cataract surgery to improver her vision. Her recovery was a smooth one, though she detested her Elizabethan collar and exercised every muscle in her body to get away from the daily eye drops.

Just one week after surgery, Mindy ventured out for a walk. What had once been fuzzy world with obscure shapes around her now came into focus as houses, trees and even a squirrel or two!

Now, fully recovered, a frisky new Mindy has emerged. Animated and pleasantly perky, her mom reports she plays tug of war frequently and recently had the time of her life destroying one of her stuffed toys. Rest in Peace, beloved hot dog.

Mindy hopes her new lease on life will inspire others to live each day to the fullest and take in the beauty around us.
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