Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ringing in Spring

Bostons everywhere are rejoicing in the sweet smell of spring. The long winter has passed and the fleece sweaters are folded neatly away. Sitting, whining and pawing at the door are our four-legged friends begging to go outside. Out to bask in the warm sun, out to dig in fresh dirt, out to smell the budding flowers and out to roll in the freshly mowed grass! Spring awakens the mind and the body. So much to do and so little daylight. Where shall we begin?
Pictured first is spunky sweetheart Thumper (adopted 2007) with her pal, Turtle. Thumper graciously offered to give Turtle a tour of her backyard in bloom. But first, she must cajole someone to open that door!

Our most endearing foster dog, Pauley, pauses in the cosmos under a flowering dogwood to take in the change of seasons. This heavenly hearthrob has been making his foster family laugh for nearly 3 seasons now! Pauley would love to spend the summer with a new adoptive family. Hint, hint!

Libby and Maggie (adopted 2006) raced top speed around the backyard before settling for a game of tug. Sister against sister, who does mom root for?

In the state of Connecticut, where spring has come strolling rather than racing in, Minna (adopted 2004) is anxious to see what the earth will unveil. First out are the beautiful yellow crocuses. Minna will check back every day to monitor the progress of the daffodils and hyacinth.

Oliver (adopted 2006) doesn't care about the blooming flowers, he has one thing on his mind. Hamburgers. The overpowering smell of sizzling patties brought him out of his bed and onto the deck where he sat drooling. Would dear old dad do a dog a favor and drop a mouth-watering morsel. Oliver was sure he could snatch it up before mom noticed a thing. Hallejulah for grilling season!

A burger sure sounded good to poor Kirby who was stuck in a flower bed posing for pictures. Foster parents could be so cruel. A dignified dog such as he didn't want to hear how "adorable" he looked or how "beautiful" the blooms were. Kirby wanted outta this picture and onto that deck with Oliver to beg for meat.
Clearly, spring has arrived! Whatever your desires may be, spring has dutifully arrived to fulfill them.
So, what are you doing still sitting in front of the computer? Leash up your Boston and go for a romp in the park or a walk around the neighborhood. It's a beautiful season, enjoy it.
Powering off,
The Bashful Boston


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