Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Under the Tucson Sun

Just days ago we received an update that traveled many miles to reach BTRNC. Upon it's arrival, we were delighted to see that two of our 2006 adoptees are now soaking up the warm rays of the Tucson sun.

We will let the author of the update tell her story.

"I adopted Sadie (in June 2006) and Frosty (in October 2006) from BTRNC and it could not have worked out better! They adore each other, and I cannot imagine what they would do without the other one. They play so well together...tug-of-war, chase, etc. I don't think Frosty realizes that he had cancer, and has a heart murmur. He is doing beautifully and hopefully will continue to be healthy. Sadie LOVES having a brother to hang out with all day.

In December 2006, my soon-to-be husband learned he would be restationed to the Air Force base in Tucson, AZ. I worried how our three dogs would do driving across country. It would take about 3.5 days to drive over 2,100 miles and we would all be in one car. (My husband has a 12 year old dalimation/lab mix.) Additionally, I worried how they would adjust to their new home and desert surrounding.

In February, my husband and I got married, then moved from Charleston, SC to Tucson, AZ. Instead of being worried about the dogs, I should have worried about myself! For most of the trip, the dogs sat in the front seat while I sat in the back. The dogs had a great trip. They loved the new smells, sights, and most of all the 3.5 days of family togetherness. They adjusted beautifully to their new enviroment. Sadie and Frosty love the Arizona sun and enjoy the morning sunshine on their hammock."

Sadie and Frosty entered into rescue in middle age. Sadie was a healthy, owner surrender with a passion for mud pits and Frosty was a shelter dog with heartworm, cancer and a heart murmur.

We never know what's around the corner for our adoptees. With the help of BTRNC, so many corners have yielded safe havens with bowls overflowing with food and water, baskets of toys, hours of fetch and when the sun goes down, a soft place to snooze the night away.

Or, in the case of Sadie and Frosty, a hammock to enjoy the Arizona morning sun.

Truly, a great way to live, proclaims

The Bashful Boston


At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having foster both Sadie & Frosty, I cried tears of joy. Thanks, Karen, you are truly special to me.

At 3:12 PM, Blogger Asheville Foster Mom said...

I was one of Sadie's foster moms. I'm so glad to hear she is doing well. She is a lucky girl, going from a home where she was ignored to a home where she has canine companions and is obviously loved by her human.


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